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While in Salem, I walked downtown with my friends. We stopped at the Book Bin, so of course I went upstairs, sniffing out the queer section. There was one trans book, Kate Bornstein's "My Gender Workbook." I flipped through it, but got sick. First of all, too pink. Second of all, I'm not really interested in screwing with people's heads. The book felt so juvenile. I say juvenile, because puerile makes me sound like a nerdy little prick.

And I felt...embarrassed or something about being in that section. A woman who worked there came upstairs to shelve a book, and I kind of stepped over to the next section, I don't even know why. I guess I do know why. Because I ID as straight, and I'm afraid of being seen as gay. Maybe I've some latent homophobia or something. Goddamnit, why can't it be easy to see what's going on in the subconcious? Because I feel pretty shitty about getting all embarrassed like that.

I am so tired right now
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