Elliot (slugboi) wrote,

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I am in a bad mood.

Some thoughts:
no one is separate from everyone else. The way you present yourself, in words, tone, appearance, body language, affects how people respond to you. You can mean one thing, but if you say it with the wrong words, or in the wrong tone, they'll think you meant something else. They can't be blamed for how they interpret what you're saying. Which is to say, yes, they can be blamed. It's a statistics thing. If 90% of people would interpret you one way, you can't be blamed for the other 10%. And you can be blamed for how you're interpretted for exactly the same reasons. If 90% of people think you meant one thing, those 10% who "really got it" don't count. Well, they count for something, but you really got to watch yourself. So my friend needs to shut the fuck up about it not being his fault I feel like he's always so condescending.

In other news:
I mailed the letter today.
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