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We got your letter yesterday. Wow, unexpected, but not altogether
surprizing at the same time. Dad and I had been talking about you and
wondering about some of things in your letter yesterday morning while
walking Owen before I went to work. We are both very glad that you feel
comfortable and confident enough (and trust us enough) to tell us all of
this. It is a lot for us to process and accept all at once. We do want to
be supportive and a source of comfort to you. It does not mean it will
always easy for us.

I want to do the things you want us to. I will try hard to not call you
Elizabeth, refer to you as "she" or as a girl. I will probably fail more
than once. May I call you Izzy, at least for a while? It is something we
sometimes called you as a child, it is familiar, I associative with you as a
person. I honestly don't think I could call you any other name, at least
for a while and I don't want to refer to you as "hey you," "your sister"
etc. either.

Thanksgiving is coming up. How do you want to handle things with the
B*s and your sibs.

What do Mary and Carolyn Know? I'm thinking that you have most likely
talked with Carolyn already.
Have you spoken or written James? Do you want us to talk with him about all
this? And the other question? Would you like me to talk to Barbara?
Basically I think the B*'s (or at least the adults) will be
understanding and do whatever will make you the most comfortable. It sounds
like you don't want secrets anymore and Barbara and I have considered our
families to be "family" for years. Think about this (if you haven't
already) and let me know what you would like Dad and I do to make things as
smooth as possible.

We both want you to we love you and always have. We want the best for you.

With love from Mom (and Dad)
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